We've been lucky to make the acquaintance of Stu Staley of ENC Media.  For those not aware, ENC Media created the artwork and literature for Steinberger from 1982 through 1994.  

Staley was introduced to Ned Steinberger through his longtime acquaintance  with P. Robert Young, one of the four Steinberger Sound founding partners.  Young's son Rory had been in a band with Staley for many years.  He had also previously gained the attention of Hap Kuffner and Stan Jay of Mandolin Bros. (the third and fourth founding partners) who were impressed with graphics work he'd done for the Rhythm Tech percussion instrument company. 

Located in upstate NY, ENC Media produced all of the catalogs, brochures, fliers & advertisements for Steinberger.  This was a close relationship from the beginnings in Brooklyn through the Newburgh years.  In late 1994 Gibson relocated the plant to its headquarters in Nashville, and the art direction moved in-house to Gibson.

We're fortunate that Stu is an admitted packrat and saved most of his creations, along with other marketing items for Steinberger not necessarily produced by his company.  He's graciously given us original scans of most of the items you see on the 'Marketing Materials' page as well as lots of other interesting documentation.  He's also taken the time to share his recollections of them as well.   

Thanks Stu.  It's a great addition to the site and a slice of Steinberger history.  Enjoy!

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